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Sizes and applications small intermediate large pros

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Unformatted text preview: ticulate matter, a major cause of asthma Almost pure carbon: hence high ratio of CO2 to energy produced High sulfur coal smog and acid rain Conventional technology converts unnecessarily low proportion of coal’s chemical energy into electricity (more efficient technology is available) Too much carbon in it not much electricity Clean coal should be captured to improve efficiency Potentially inexpensive and virtually unlimited source of power (too cheap to meter) Expansion of nuclear power sufficient to address global warming raises major issues: Safety issues Danger of diversion of nuclear fuel, especially if there is worldwide trade in reprocessing Risks of decommissioning and very long- term storage of hazardous waste We store waste on- site discussion on centralized repository site Number of nuclear engineers is dropping because there is an ambiguous future in the industry Hydroelectric: Pros: Many ways to harness it: large dams, small dams You can run is whenever you want...
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