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Management of Technological Innovation

So create strategic alliances for specific projects

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Unformatted text preview: t cases: Mature firm, innovative technology: How to organize R&D: Corporate or business unit? Centralized or decentralized? Where to put it? Headquarters country? US? Separate venture division? Out- source innovation to smaller and more nimble companies? Geographical Clusters: Universities, research labs, manufacturing, suppliers, information and technical services Tendency of all aspects of industry are all in the same location Personnel hops from company to company Examples: silicon valley, research triangle, Italian fashions Strategic alliances and open innovation: New worry: no firm, no matter how large, can master all the technology it needs or all the markets it might want to enter. So create strategic alliances for specific projects with firms that have the technology or know the market Better yet, organize for open innovation: Being able to absorb innovations from wherever they originate and integrate them into new products Pharma companies are an example Mature firm, mature technology: Old theory: boston consulting group divides businesses into: High market share, high growth: stars: invest High market share, low growth: milk them...
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