The Dynamic of Technological Innovation

Driving forces of technological change technology

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Unformatted text preview: also gives rise to science Dynamic of Technology: Motivation of the scientists: find out how the natural world works perhaps with a practical result Motivation of the engineer: solve a practical problem, make things work. Driving Forces of Technological Change: Technology Push model: Research Invention Development Commercialization Growth Ex. TVs, Microwaves, nuclear Power You would invest a lot of money into research if you are the government. Same for corporate world in hopes of achieving process from research to Growth Market Pull model: British developed this idea in Pre- Thatcher UK, excellent basic science, poor economic growth More USUAL MODEL: Market Commercialization Development Invention Research Consequence of market pull model: whatever influences the market, also influences technology. Competition is a spur to innovation Most companies are content to keep doing what they’re doing unless forced to change, so to stay competitive, they need to improve Innovations can take place in Manufactures or in services Products or processes Beverage can Automobile...
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