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users manufacturs and beneficiaries of the new

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Unformatted text preview: ed by the increased labor productivity of new technology: Innovation Lower prices more demand more production more jobs Globalization has increased the worldwide labor force so much by the entry of China and India into the global labor force. Where will the new jobs go? Equity Skill Level: Higher technology generally means higher skills, as even low- skilled jobs require computers Location: IT permits jobs at all skill levels to be outsourced as long as they do not require physical contact, close personal relations, or intimate feel for client requirements – Meaning that workers compete world- wide for many of the same jobs Who gains from technological innovation?: Users, manufacturs, and beneficiaries of the new technology: Employees, suppliers, maintenance, and repair people Inventors, suppliers … WHOLE REGION BENEFITS! Who loses? Analogous stakeholders in the replaced technology especially those who cannot respond to the change and protect their interests “Orphan” Technology: technology with a need but no market need: social need, people need it but doesn’t catch on customers that need it don’t have the mone...
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