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Is there less risky way to get benefits with less

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Unformatted text preview: Assess costs, benefits, risks Identify winners, losers, and risk bearers Anticipatory ethics: resist technological trajectory: consider alternatives before you are locked in (ties into precaution principle) What’re we trying to do? Is there less risky way to get benefits with less risks and costs? You can assess: Major anticipated technical advances: Nanotechnology – environmental and health risks Neurotechnology Gene therapy Synthetic biology Public health Earthquake or tsunami prediction Proposed infrastructure or other project New industrial product or process Questions should be asked regarding Products, Processes, and Projects Asilomar Conference (1975) on Genetic Engineering: Scientists meet to assess the hazards of new technology: A classical historical precedent Decided to stop research until key experiments are performed to make sure organisms cannot survive outside of laboratory They were all scientists there scientists saying they’re responsibl...
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