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Technology Assessment

Danger equity who bears extra risk vulnerable

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Unformatted text preview: to the expected net cash flow of the proposed undertaking? Net present value: what cash payment today would be equivalent to the expected net cash flow at a given discount rate? Two kinds of cost/benefit: Financial analysis: cost/benefits/risks of investors and people allaying out money directly. Economic and Social analysis: will the world be better off? Who will bear the costs? The risks? Precaution: Policy decisions should involve weighing the benefits, costs, and risks of alternative courses of action It addresses risks not benefits Cost/benefit addresses all three but has its own limitations since many things are hard to quantify In practice, cost/benefit analysis does not always include Who bears the costs, who gets the benefits Risks and who will bear them Externalities especially if unquantified Long- term and irreversible effects Compare an honest projection of the situation with and without th...
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