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Greenland melting will dump a lot of fresh water into

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Unformatted text preview: trophes Sea level rise Glaciers are melting Glacier- fed rivers have less water and maximum flow before farmers need irrigation of water Insect- borned disease spreads; malaria, dengue Coasts flood and islands are submerged Heat waves damage agriculture, health Extinctions: biodiversity can’t adapt fast enough. Regional impacts: Developing countries bear the brunt of climate change Tropical areas are already hot Effects previously discussed affect them more Permafrost melt in polar regions: buildings are built on the assumption that permafrost is permanent but its fucking shit up now. Collapse of West Antarctic Ice Sheet: 7 meter sea level rise Melting of Greenland Ice sheet: 5 meter sea level rise melting recently measured to be much faster than previously thought floating plugs melt and no longer hold back glacial flow Thermohaline circulation of ocean in the world because of different densities of different temps of water, so it is a major circulation of heat between the world. Greenland melting will dump a lot of fresh water into the ocean, affecting this thermohaline circulation, in turn affecting temperature in Europe etc...
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