Variations of the earths surface temperature years

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Unformatted text preview: scales from clouds (1 km) to oceans (10,000 km) Models must include human contribution in order to be able to explain past records The only way to Post- dict the average temperature was to include the human contribution 90% sure humans are causing climate change. US and Canada are 25% of worldwide emissions of CO2 Graphs match up with models using both natural and anthropogenic causes not the ones with just natural causes. Radiative forcing: Imagine Lightbulbs that light up when absorb heat or turn off when they give off heat CO2, CH4, Ozone, stratospheric water vapor, black carbon on snow are all heat absorbing, solar irradiance too Land use, aerosols all lose heat. Variations of the earth’s surface temperature: years 1000 to 2100 Some models say 1 degree between 2000 and 2100 Others say up to 6 degrees, so accepted is 2- 3 degrees But now it is rising a lot more than we thought, so models are shifting up. Impacts of climate change Increase in average temperature Increase in major global catas...
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