The Great Divergence

The Great Divergence

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Unformatted text preview: aternal Health Combat HIV/AIDS malaria and TB Ensure environmental sustainability a global partnership for development SLIDE WITH GOALS: if you see red, no progress or deterioration has been made, green is target already met or expected to be met, yellow is progress insufficient progress at this rate to meet goal Post- 2015 agenda: Un system began efforts to define the global development framework to replace the MDGs Four reports to be submitted to the secretary- general by September 2013: Conclusions: GDP is flawed but we still use it (just remember how its flawed and how we can surpass this flaw by comparing two flawed points) Making comparisons of GDP either over time for one country or across countries presents challenges: Real vs. nominal? What price index? Exchange rate or PPP? Other measures of development (example, HDI, poverty measures) can be informative but are still limited Recommendation: when looking at data for a country a) always ask where the GDP numbers come from and how they are calculated; and b) look at other measures of development and see if they tell the same story as GDP. THE GREA...
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