The Great Divergence

This geography is destiny jared diamond look at flow

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Unformatted text preview: T DIVERGENCE: Growth is basically a modern phenomenon: we were all relatively poor centuries ago no matter what indicator was used. Explanations for the divergence: Geography: Economic factors Technology Institutional environment Much more Policy Geography: Low income countries in tropical areas (between tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn) = being warm and being landlocked is a problem Heat allows for the prevalence of disease: winter and frost kills germs Farmland more fragile in the tropics, so a lot fo the nutrients are concentrated at the top of the soil Proximity to oceans allows you to transport things to other places Economists uncomfortable with this: Geography is destiny Jared Diamond: look at flow chart slide Let’s agree that Geography matters Initial conditions matter (latitude, being landlocked, major axes of the continents) Axes argument: people were everywhere but they lived in fragmented hunter- gatherer communities (groups of people foraging for food, doing simple stuff and sustaining a low standard of living. But suddenly something changed: settled agriculture came (domesticated plants and animals) Highest...
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