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What effects on economic efficiency

Other casues elections lack of electoral

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Unformatted text preview: One perspective: Corruption = monopoly over some aspect of your life+discretion over how much it can charge you- accountability If this is the case: Corruption cannot be solved by increasing civil service salaries or the education/training of civil servants (would just end up with civil servants who are smarter about collecting bribes) Corruption can only be sovled by Competition (which will bid down bribes) Rule- based constraints on administrative authority Greater accountability But this is not the whole story: In public service delivery and other areas where the government is involved competition can actually increase corruption. Other casues: elections Lack of electoral accountability mechansims: More difficult to enforce punishment Absence of mechanism of scrutiny (eg. Free press) Electoral barriers and competition: With proportional representation and large districts (meaning that several candidates can be elected in each district), an h...
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