What effects on economic efficiency

Organization or government agency to influence the

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Unformatted text preview: very (decentralized) In Cameroon, the economist went along for the ride (normally 20 hours) ! 2 days for 300 miles trip The trip took 4 days and by the time the truck had reached its destination, 1/3 of the load of beer had been paid out to local police, 47 roadblocks. In the case of “centralized” or competitive bribe- taking only ONE bribe collecter would extract a payment, then distribute it to others. The market for bribes: Traditional explanations of corruption focus on “beneficiaries” of bribes However the characteristic of the “donors” might be also important ! who bribes? Sectors producing high rents LOOK AT SLIDES Is lobbying a form of bribery? Suppose a firm wants a tariff lifted or a tax break It can bribe bureacrats or public officials in charge of customs or taxes OR it can lobby legislators to w...
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