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State Formation and Collapse

Unfortunately most of them do not fragile states

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Unformatted text preview: dices State failure task force (CIA) Political instability task force (UMD) Several measures of armed conflicts, civil war, etc Better measures of state failure should focus on the collapse of central government & disintegration of political order ! unfortunately most of them DO NOT. Fragile states index is a bad index because it mixes up causes and effects in its measurements, also quantifies certain things that you can’t really quantify Defining state failure Two parts: Transformation of the state into an INSTRUMENT OF PREDATION LOSS OF MONOPOLY over the means of coercion From these you can have varying degrees of state failure Need to distinguish collapse of political order from: Failure of state to provide services Poverty, inequality, food shortages, etc. Civil wars and internal conflict are better proxies, however: Revolutions (as opposed...
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