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Exogenous variation

Democracies more likely to emerge as countries get

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Unformatted text preview: n democracies due to more “veto” holders As countries democratize they may become unstable (“political order” or “J curve” perspective) China v. India: One case democracy: vibrant, active; the other, single- party arrangement In china, something actually was built, in india not yet (farmer didn’t want to move) Democracy and growth: definitions: Two centuries of debate How do we define “democracy”? Procedural = separation of powers, representation (Madison) Populist = civic participation, individual rights (Rousseau, Jefferson) “polyarchical” = all active groups can pariticpate through the mechanism of represenations elected in contested, periodic election Need to agree on basic characteristics: Enfranchisement of excluded citizens Constraints on discretionary authority These char...
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