Exogenous variation

Procedural separation of powers representation madison

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Unformatted text preview: on the action of elites Equal opportunities for broad segments of society Does democracy promote good institutions? Graph of Polity index vs. time: “waves of cemocracy” three waves: expansion of universal suffrage in W. Europe, US, british dominions (1850- 1900) Post- WWII democratizations (1948- 1952) following inter- war collapse of democracies Collape of S. European dictatorships; spread of democracy to E asia; collape of communism in Europe; Arab Spring (1960- 2000) following democratic reversals in L. America, Asia, and Africa What does the future hold? A reversal? Good reasons to think democracy - - . Development Constraints on executive power (consittuions) Citizens can remove predatory leaders Median voter watns more investment in education, more income, more growth (the “modernization” perspective) But… Median voter may prefer short- term transfers rather thatn long- term investment There may be coordination problems i...
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