Land tenure patterns of alnd access examples tenancy

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Unformatted text preview: from most productive to the least productive: Owner- occupied farms that use family labor Large mechanize farms, owner cultivated farms that employ wage- labor Sharecropped farms: two people enter into an agreement, one owns the land, the other cultivates it and they split the revenue Non- owner cultivated or rented farms that use family labor Example: in latin America, TFP is twice as high on family farms as on latifundios But why, if you are a leader, would you not make it easier for people and allow them to own their own farms? They persist Land is unequally distributed particularly in former colonies Land markets do not always work! Land sales are generally rare Most sales occur from the poor to the rich elites Some explanations: Weak property rights Land is valued for more than its agricultural use Power Speculation ! inflated land prices, particularly near cities Limited access to credit markets (particularly for the landless poor) In the absence of proper land markets, land tenure systems have emerged. Land tenure: patterns of alnd access Exam...
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