Plus you cant monitor your workers periodically plus

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Unformatted text preview: lar contexts Coming up with new plant varieties and backing it up with political movements, property rights, etc happened, and as such it is a combination of the biological and mechanical package that spurs development: THIS IS THE GREEN REVOLUTION Reliance on technology varies: There are very wide differences between SSA and the rest of the world in terms of technology use. Irrigation, they’re lacking (they don’t have the river network other places have) Improved varieties of cereals, still far behind but even though it has 22%, it may not have used it to their advantage Fertilizer consumption: very very low in SSA There is very little incentive to work on a farm: it is so spread out spatially and across time. Plus you can’t monitor your workers periodically, plus they get minimum wage. Because of north- south orientation of Africa, a seed that works in Namibia, may not work in another country Interesting fact: small farms can be the most productive of all: Ranking...
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