Roots of most types of inequality that are man made

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Unformatted text preview: Economic: market failures, coordination faiures etc, New research shows that the pathways of persistence can also much more subtle: Gender inequality in households ! maternal under- nutrition ! low birth- weights/fetal under- nutrition ! adult ill- health, lower IQ, income and assets (we have to take inequality seriously) Where does inequality come from? Born unequal? Look at list on slides Diamond: Hunter- gatherer societies, then settled agriculture, and everything that came afterwards… Separate stuff that we can’t do anything about (born unequal, born healthier, gender, disability, geography, parents) There was an era of human history where we lived very equally (hunter- gatherers) with no storage. Roots of most types of inequality that are man- made start here: when people can start storing things ! food surpluses: opportunity to hoard Person with better quality and more food rich. If land goes down male line, men are richer than women Engermann and Sokoloff: Initial condition...
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