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Unformatted text preview: COMM 1 Final Exam Review Guide Winter 2007 EXAM INFO About 75 multiple choice questions (each Q worth 2 pts) Readings and Lectures covered; about 15 Qs from pre-midterm topics (lecture only), the rest are from post-midterm lectures and readings (textbook & reader) Bring pink Parscore form and #2 pencil STUDY HELP: See How Points Are Earned handout in reader (p. 3) Practice Questions: (password: senator) Office Hours: Professor Mullin: Thurs, Mar 15, 2:30 3:30pm (Ellison 4810) TA Q&A sessions: Fri Mar 16, 4 6pm in Phelps 1508 Mon Mar 19, 4 6pm in Phelps 1508 PRE-MIDTERM TOPICS Conceptualizing Communication Communication Models Intrapersonal Comm Communication as a Science Verbal & Nonverbal Comm Interpersonal Comm POST-MIDTERM TOPICS (this is just a reminder of what was covered whereremember to study the details!) Public Communication & Persuasion Lecture: Source characteristics (credibility, effective delivery, etc.); Audience factors (demographics, attitude-behavior link, Source characteristics (credibility, effective delivery, etc....
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