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Hints for writing the homework assignments (and midterm essay questions) The homework assignments are designed to give you a chance to test out your ideas about the readings. What your assignment should include: 1. A short thesis paragraph or statement at the beginning. This gives your reader two pieces of important information: - what your topic is - what your position is relative to the topic In other words, you need to make a statement which reflects your personal interpretation, a claim which you will then support in the following pages. 2. After your opening statement, the rest of your paper is devoted to offering support for why your idea or interpretation is valid. The beginning of each paragraph should relate in a clear way to your thesis statement, and the content of the paragraphs should offer specific examples (i.e., quotations)
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Unformatted text preview: from the reading which are also connected directly to your thesis. 3. Because these assignments are short, there is no need to write a large conclusion. It is sufficient to provide a sentence which restates your initial thesis and the ideas you use to back it up. What your assignment should not include: 1. Plot summaries! Assume that your reader is very familiar with the plot and only refer to those details which help you prove your point. Be sure to explain why the information you are introducing is relevant. Your argument does not need to follow the chronology of events in the narrative. 2. Personal information. Your job is to write a literary analysis. References to your own life or general statements about life and the world should be excluded. We are much more interested in what your thoughts are about the reading!...
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