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Past homework topics are good candidates for short answer or essay questions. Here is a list of all the topics which have been posted this quarter: From Dante: sin and sympathy Dante’s passage through Hell is frequently interrupted by conversations with sinners in each circle he visits. Describe at least two people with whom Dante feels sympathy and discuss what it is that moves him to feel pity for them. Do you agree with Dante’s reaction to their stories? Also consider Virgil’s role in these encounters, given his role as Dante’s literal and moral ‘guide’ through the underworld. mapping Hell In Dante’s version of it, Hell has its own strange topography. Consider the changes in terrain from the forest where Dante first encounters Virgil, through the subsequent descent into the first circles of Hell. Discuss a few features of this landscape which you find the most striking. Also, try to describe the changes in landscape in connection to the increasing seriousness of the sins. Can you find any connections between the physical topography and moral depravity? events in the Inferno In lecture on Tuesday, January 15 th we discussed the question of what constitutes an “event” in the Inferno
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Study_sheet_with_homework_topics - Past homework topics are...

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