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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 212, LEONARD Test 1A, Fall 2012 Name: 4000;“) flflmtilfl CLID: omxfim 6H Lab Group Name: Multiple Choice (3 pts each, 66 pts total) Mark the correct answer to each question on your with a CAPITAL LEI—YER. Blank or multiple answers will be marked incorrect. % 1. / Rounding according to the rules we learned, what is the correct answer to: L3. a) 5&4. / a) , a) 0E6. 3) _7-v/ r? a) 20/ a) 10 + 0.99 = 11.0 b) 11 c) 10.99 d) 10.9 Rounding according to the rules we learned, what is the correct answer to: (50.0 / 12) = 4 b) 4.1667 c) 4.1 d) 4.2 Which of the following measurements has 3 Significant Figures? 0.005 m b) 510 m C) 0.510 m d) 0.051 m What is the number 4000 written in Scientific Notation with 2 Significant Figures? 4 x 103 b) 4.000 x 10—3 c) 4000 x 101 d) 4.0 x 103 What is 0.55 centimeters in terms of meters? 0.0055 m b) 55 m c) 0.00055 m d) 550 m If the density of an object is 1.50 g/mL, what is the volume of 6.50 g of this object? 0.103 mL b) 0.231 mL c) 9.75 mL d) 4.33 mL A value of 36 mL‘is a measure of volume ‘ b) distance c) mass (1) temperature Convert 50.00F into °C 456°C b) 10.0 °C c) 122.0“C cl) 162°C If the density of a substance is 0.85 g/mL, what is the mass of 17.0 mL of the substance? 14 g b) 0.050 g c) 20. g d) 0.069 Q My daughter’s piggy bank contains an assortment of coins. The contents of my daughter’s piggy bank is a(n): element b) heterogeneous mixture d) compound homogeneous mixture Which choice is not considered to be matter? glass b) paper c) air cl) light Which subatomic particle has a +1 charge? protons b) neutrons c) electrons d) voltrons How many protons are in 1 atom of beryllium? 4 b) 2 c) 9 cl) 5 Which types of elements are maileable and ductile? nonmetals b) metailoids c) metals A girl wearing a wedding dress is seated upon the steps of a church. She is visibly crying find talking loudly into a cell phone. There are lots of cars parked in the church parking lot. What is an observation based upon this story? This is her wedding day Her groom is not in the church All of the cars belong to her wedding guests She is talking loudly into a cell phone What is the overall charge on an ion that possesses 15 protons, 16 neutrons, and 18 electrons. +3 charge b) —1 charge c) —3 charge (1) +1 charge How many neutrons does one atom of the isotope below pOSSess? i2 5 16 b) 18 c) 34 d) 3206 Which element is a halogen? chlorine b) neon magnesium _,d—)/’ sodium If a researcher’s measurements have a high accuracy, then the measured values are: close to each other b) close to the true value far from the true value d) far from each other Which element will have the largest electronegativity? B b) C c) N d) O The most abundant isotope of sodium most probably has a mass number of on the information available on the periodic table. ‘ 11 b) 23 c) 22 , based d) 32 What could I do to this test to force it to undergo a chemical change? crumple it up D) chop in into thousands of pieces use markers to decorate it d) set it on fire Short Answer (34 pts total) Give the correct answer for each question, showing work to earn Partial credit. Read each question carefully: points will be deducted for failure to follow directions. 1. Fill in the blanks beneath each elemental symbol with the following information: a) b) C) a)\‘)r\c \- Oil-hp (l b) 936i O ‘0 Identify the element as a metal, nonmetal, or metalloid (2 pts each) Write out the name of the element (2 pts each) ' Draw a star under the Diatomic Element (3 pts—only one answer!) /'_ f B K S / ¥ / a)\Y\€XOK Ewen W1 (frag a)‘fio h leQ-‘i'gl b) Sggfrafsfiiwm b) gul’th b) ng‘wo OJ; 43W Answer the next two problems with correct Significant Figures and correct Units: 2. What is 12.99 milliliters in terms of microliters (ML), if 1,000,000 ML 5 11L? [SHOW ALL WORK] (6 pts) \00 ML. :- \ L. ‘ C1 liooolooouL:\'L «L {\RW‘L 3. What is the density in g/mL of a solution with a mass of 0.500 kg and a volume of 15.00 mL? (5 pts) a: m b9 \) .800 #3 X {M __ [SQqu vath H l 14:] . 95993 gs?- _ $ d— 337 T \C) m/L. 4. What is the difference between an Element and a Compound? Give an example of each. (4 pts) NO @910 cn-X- "\S O\ pwe Eobsfla‘ncc )ihfiA‘ Coma-m3 chew“f>r-*ro\\'\. n c030 0: $00? SUlaSlonce Compokmd l3 0? A but \\ {on roian om; oneflf’vwowfulfl. 1*m 5mm pic 6“? Om Ewmexw \‘3 NCOW 0N?) wind-<1 an emplme 0* C'\ CUMQOWd would be 7_ f ...
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