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Big Brother Big Sisers Audit

Youtube is also used as a platform but does not

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Unformatted text preview: Facebook are seen on Twitter • Same identifiable logo and ‘about’ description, just not as lengthy Youtube Page: • 814 subscribers and over 100 uploaded videos • No profile picture • Contains links to original website • Includes a discussion board for viewers to comment on • Uploaded videos are categorized to make sections and topics organized Findings Active Communication Channels: Facebook and Twitter are used daily and are considered as the organization’s top social media platforms. Youtube is also used as a platform, but does not have as much activity and is not as popular. The BBBS pages located on Twitter and Facebook can be found quickly and easily on the side of the homepage. Recent activity on Facebook can be seen at that section of the homepage. Target Audiences: The target audiences vary from each social media form. People involved in the orga...
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