Bio 113P Lab 3: Phenotypic Effects of Wolbachia on the Reproductive Behaviors and Outcomes of Nason

05 will be used as the cut off point results the

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Unformatted text preview: nce interval (R<.05) will be used as the cut-off point. RESULTS The results of the sex-ratio crosses are shown below in Table 1: C r oss N u m b e r of M a l es N u m b e r of F e m a l es 22 127 24 37 126 4 211 148 T ot a l B r ood S i z e ( w /o D i a p a u se) 148 131 235 185 Se x R a t io ( % M a l e) 14.9 96.9 10.2 20.0 The results of the individual crosses performed are as follows in Table 2: C r oss Orange x Green 1 Orange x Green 2 Orange x Blue 1 Orange x Blue 2 White x Green 1 White x Green 2 White x Blue 1 White x Blue 2 L e n gt h (se c) of P r eC op u l a to r y D isp l a y 10 11 10 11 7 9 2 7 L e n gt h (se c) of C op u l a t ion 12 14 15 20 13 15 17 12 L e n gt h (se c) of Pos t C op u l a to r y D isp l a y 27 21 21 9 6 24 10 20 For the entire section, boxplots of the three distinct quantities were formed using the mean (the thick black line), the 1st and 3rd qua approximates the standard deviation when the mean lies close to the center of the box), and with the outliers, which are encompassed by the...
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