Bio 113P Lab 3: Phenotypic Effects of Wolbachia on the Reproductive Behaviors and Outcomes of Nason

26 standard deviations apart from one another and

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Unformatted text preview: idered significant in this experiment, there must be 95% confidence of the difference of the means, and such confidence is equal to being over ~1.26 standard deviations from the mean, it means that for any difference between the means to be significant, they must be over 1.26 standard deviations apart from one another, and seeing how all the box plots in each group overlap each means. Therefore, by the data presented, there is no significant difference between any of the recorded intervals in any of the crosses tested. Similarly to the sex-ratio scenario, had more crosses been observed, there would have been more datapoints, resulting in more accurate, smaller standard deviations, and possibly thereby enhancing the results, and possibly demonstrating a difference between the times of the distinct crosses. Bilbiography: Werren, J.H. 2003. Invasion of the Gender Benders. N a tur a l H istory 112: 58-63 Whiting, A.R. 1967. The Biology of the Parasitic Wasp Momoni e l l a V i t r ipennis [= N asoni a vivt r ipennis] (Walker). Q ua r t e r ly Revi ew of B iol ogy 42: 333-406....
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