Bio 113P Lab 3: Phenotypic Effects of Wolbachia on the Reproductive Behaviors and Outcomes of Nason

The times recorded by the individual groups of the

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Unformatted text preview: nt, were recorded. The times recorded by the individual groups of the section were then amassed and collected to develop a large total sample size suitable for statistical analysis: boxplots were used for visual analysis. For Day 2, the same eight crosses were performed with new individuals, but without the measuring of the times; rather, the crosses were observed to ensure copulation, then the labeled and sealed tubes were collected for later hosting for the eggs. The hosting involved the addition of two Sa r cophaga fly pupae into each tube for the females to parasitize, and then the maintenance of the tubes to ensure the proper development of the N asoni a within. After two weeks of development, the partially-emerged wasps were collected and euthanized, and the sex ratios were tallied. To determine the statistical significance of the data, an ANOVA table of the results of all the groups together was to be compiled using the statistics software, R. In order for a difference to be considered statistically significant, for the purposes of this study, a 95% confide...
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