Bio 113P Lab 3: Phenotypic Effects of Wolbachia on the Reproductive Behaviors and Outcomes of Nason

Using the aforementioned knowledge of wolba ch i a

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Unformatted text preview: ng the aforementioned knowledge of Wolba ch i a manipulation of the brood based on the sex of the infected strains, and on the cross, a simple experiment where two main groups of N asoni a , infected and uninfected, were placed in color-coded vials such that in each vial there were only 4 males or 4 females, and that all the members of one vial were either infected or uninfected, such that 4 unique crosses were possible. The unknown, and was to be determined based on the results of the sex ratios established in the F1 generation of each cross. It was observed that during the mating rituals of N asoni a, there are in essence 3 key moments which can easily be observed and documented: the mounting of the female by the male, and antennae interaction; the opening of the ovipositor, and copulation; the re-mounting of the male followed by more antennae interaction; and the dismount and separation of the pair. From these four key points, 3 measurable quantities were identified for observation: duration, or length, of pre-copulatory display, length of copulation, and the length of post-copulatory display. By m...
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