Bio 113P Lab 3: Phenotypic Effects of Wolbachia on the Reproductive Behaviors and Outcomes of Nason

With regards to the phenotypic effects of wolba c hi

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Unformatted text preview: he ratios of the different crosses. If more crosses were performed, so that the total data pool were increased significantly, the data would show more definitively any differences in the ratios, and thus the ANOVA would result in an over 95% confidence in the differences. With regards to the phenotypic effects of Wolba c hi a , upon comparison of the means of the times in each category, we see no significant difference between them, with the exception of the difference between the mean of the B.O. cross and the others in the Post-Cop. Duration category. However, the true significance of the box plot lies in the box itself, and its relative overlap; according to the Central Limit Theorem, as the sample size becomes sufficiently large, then the data becomes approximately normal. Under those circumstances, the 1st and 3rd quartiles of the data which are the lower and upper limits of the box, respectively represent the range of data that lies ±1 standard deviation to the mean. Since in order for the data to be cons...
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