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Bio 113P Lab 4: Effects of Wolbachia Infection on the Offspring Sex Ratio of Nasonia, vitripennis

Finally in feminization the wolba chi a will override

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Unformatted text preview: ss on the infection. Finally, in feminization, the Wolba chi a will override the normal masculine development of the haploid males, and instead force them to become haploid females and pseudo-females, which are often infertile. (Werren, 2003) To confirm this, an experiment was conceived and performed where males and females from two strains, A and B, were crossed, where one strain was Wolba chi a -positive and one was Wolba chi a -negative. From the sex ratio distribution of offspring from the distinct crosses, the identities of the distinct strains were to be identified, and confirmation of the identity of each strain was to be provided by PCR amplification of a Wolba chi a-specific gene from a member of each strain, followed by a standard gel electrophoresis analysis of the amplifications. Materials and Methods: 4 vials, color-coded Blue, Green, Orange, and White were obtained on Days 1 and 2. B and G were males, O and W were female; B&W belonged to Strain A, while G&O belonged to Strain B. For all performed crosses, the females were first placed inside clear tubes labeled with the identity of the strains to be crosses using their respective colors. The male corresponding with the desired cross was then placed inside with the female, where the tube was sealed with a cotton ball and then observed to ensure copulation. Eight crosses were performed with new individuals, but without the measuring of the times; rather, the crosses were observed to ensure copulation, then the labeled and sealed tubes were collected for later hosting for the eggs. The hosting involved the addition of two Sa r cophaga fly pupae into each tube for the females to parasitize, and then the maintenance of the tubes to ensure the proper development of the N asoni a within. After two weeks of development, the partially-emerged wasps were collected and euthanized, and the sex ratios were tallied. To determine the statistical significance of the data, a chi squared table of the results of all the groups together was to be compiled using...
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