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Exam 2 Instructions

Complete answers need to cite each of the readings

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Unformatted text preview: (b) a strong example or supporting details of the concept (5 points). Capitalism Dominant Ideology Life Chances Socioeconomic Status (SES) Stratification Essay Questions (60 points total, 30 points per question) Answer two (2) of the following questions. Complete answers need to cite each of the readings that are referenced in your essay. In addition, complete answers need to include (a) the names of the concepts being discussed, (b) a definition of those concepts, and (c) an example of those concepts. Week 6: Deviance Question In class, we said that definitions of deviance depend on “Whose Rules?” Explain how this applies to being sane in a mental institution (Rosenhan 1973). In your answer, discus how deviance socially constructed and how is gets labeled (as in labeling theory- Schaefer 2009)? Week 8: Racial and Ethnic Inequality Question Describe the white and black perspectives on race relations (Anderson, et al. 2012) by using the concepts of color- blind racism (Bonilla- Silva 2003), prejudice, and discrimination (lecture...
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