KIN 405 Lecture 9

also is the labeled weight the correct weight of the

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Unformatted text preview: …the ability of a muscle to exert high force while contracting at high speed.” Physics: work done per unit time Are'muscular'power'and'muscular' strength'the'same?' •  Strength: maximal force that a muscle /muscle group can generate at a given velocity •  Power: rate of doing work where work is force exerted on an object over a distance (Work = F*d and P=Work/Time Other'Things'to'Think'About' Measurement'Error'in'Muscular' Fitness'Tes4ng'' •  Client factors – familiarization, meds, sleep, motivation people who are not used to pushing themselves will have less motivation •  Equipment –  –  –  –  if assessing progress, consistency is important Calibration!! also - is the labeled weight the correct weight of the stack? Safety Size •  YOUR skill (assessor’s skill) –  Assess proper lifting & spotting –  Cheating •  Environmental factors can affect –  Temperature –  Humidity –  Distractions motivation recognizing when people are not using good form, when people are cheating (using other muscles to compensate to help produce that force and therefore, this will affect how they move through the training program if a person has never lifted weight before, how will you est. the proper wt for the 1st trial? experience is...
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