KIN 405 Lecture 9

Accelerating objects is a major part of sports field

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Unformatted text preview: tion) ◦  machine attempts to match the force capability of your muscle throughout ROM by adjusting seats, lever arms and cable pulleys to exercise muscles in multiple planes Free Weights Advantages !  Accelerating objects is a major part of sports ! Field performance may be better duplicated !  training of neuromuscular coodination - b/c you are using other muscles for stabilization !  More whole-body training - training stimulus to all of the body’s major musculature ! Larger portion of the body’s musculature will be stressed - good for bone mineralization & weight management !  Total body strength can be better assessed because multiple joint movements that require a large muscle mass can be assessed !  Weight must be controlled through all spatial dimensions – greater stimulus !  Concentric and eccentric muscle activity Disadvantages !  Movement velocity not controlled - must train client to carry out certain pace !  Not as consistent for research – can’t rule-out neuromu...
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