KIN 405 Lecture 9

Clearly define the protocol when youre going to start

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Unformatted text preview: 25) * desired reps load = 100 - (100 * 0.025) * 10-RM load = 75lbs try a 75lb load (client can probably lift 75lbs for 10 reps) •  Conversely: If you know your client can lift 75lbs 10 times, you can predict 1RM: load = 1-RM (1-RM * 0.025) * desired reps solve for 1-RM 1-RM = load lifted/(1-(0.025 * number of reps completed)) = 75lbs/(1-(0.025*10reps)) = 100lbs therefore, 1-RM = 100lbs Muscular endurance: “…the ability of a muscle group to exert sub-maximal force for extended periods.” Designing'Muscular'Endurance'Tests' TEST THE number of reps FOR A given weight THAT CAN BE COMPLETED 1. Clearly define the protocol when you're going to start, when you're going to stop 2. Clearly defined fatigue or an end point 3. Control the cadence or rate at which the contractions occur 4. Control the amount and type of encouragement/motivation provided should be same throughout and not biased (i.e. more motivation for an athlete who you know can do better 5. There should be no time limit - performed until volitional fa...
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