KIN 405 Lecture 9

Easier to training some body movements that are

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Unformatted text preview: scular contribution Resistance Machines Advantages !  Generally easier to use !  Quicker and easier to select or adjust a weight !  good for beginners !  Safer? Re-enforces good form !  Requires less skill to maintain and control the stacked weight !  Easier to training some body movements that are difficult to exercise with free weights i.e. upper arms - can train them on the mvmt w/ the machine !  Consistency for research then move to free weights !  Isolate a muscle group or action -not using stabilizer muscles as much as with free weights !  Spotters not always required? Disadvantages !  $$ !  Usually may not have space for a resistance machines 1 plane of movement Terms'Related'to'Resistance'Exercise' ! Repetitions – # of times that a movement is performed continuously prior to having a rest / or ceasing the movement ! Set – defines the number of times a specific # of repetitions of a given exercise is repeated (single vs multiple sets); each set is often separated by a given rest period Needs'Analysis' 1. Evaluation of the Sport ◦  Movement analysis – Body and limb movement pat...
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