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KIN 405 Lecture 9

Isokinetic contractions maximal contraction of a

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Unformatted text preview: le length and angle of pull, not contracting maximally throughout entire ROM –  Reflective of the weakest point of ROM = Dynamic contractions ! Isokinetic contractions ◦  Maximal contraction of a muscle group at a constant velocity throughout entire ROM ◦  Control velocity mechanically ◦  Encounter maximal force throughout ROM i.e. cybex majority of what is discussed in class will be dynamic contractions Dynamic'Muscular'Strength' ' or' ' Dynamic'Constant'External' Resistance'Training'(DCER)' Dynamic'Contrac4on' •  Muscle not contracting maximally throughout ROM and strength defined by the weakest point in ROM •  Strength defined by: the maximum wt that can be moved at the weakest point in the ROM –  Example: knee flexors max strength at 160 - 170° vs at 40° which is 25% of max strength •  Therefore, strength assessment measures max strength at this angle Dynamic'Muscle'Tes4ng'' !  Free weights, dumbbells, constant resistance machines measure strength at weakest point !  Resistance not varied to account for changing angle of pull of muscle and length of muscle !  Variable-resistance machines (free-mo...
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