KIN 405 Lecture 9

Using differenttypes 10 reps decreasesdifferent

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Unformatted text preview: tigue or performance no longer satisfies the correct protocol - form 6. Don’t generalize to other muscles or muscle groups – why not? i.e. results of endurance test of biceps curls cannot be generalized to the triceps - diff uses of muscles in daily activities/training, metabolic characteristics of muscles are different Absolute'Muscular'Endurance' •  YMCA: bench press (upper), cadence 30 reps/minute, 80lb (m), 35lb (f). •  Although muscular endurance and strength correlate well (r=0.9), it does not mean that endurance tests predict 1-RM accurately. energy contributions from systems, recruiting •  Why? using differenttypes, >=10 reps decreasesdifferent energyredicting 1-RM different fibre accuracy of p •  ACSM recommends push-up for upper-body; partial curl-up (crunch) for abdominals Rela4ve'Muscular'Endurance' •  Express as: –  Weight lifted is a set % of 1-RM (70% 1RM). –  Weight lifted is a set % of BW. not typically seen Maximum'Muscular'Power' Maximal'Muscular' Power' ...
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