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Endocytosis Polarized delivery of proteins Dr. Daniela Rotin (SickKids), [email protected] Reading for the Endocytosis segment: 1. Conner & Schmid, Regulated portals of entry into cells, Nature 422:37-44, 2003 2. Linton M. Traub, Nature Rev Mol. Cell. Biol . 10:583,2009
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Lectures outline A. Endocytosis/internalization of plasma membrane proteins (general): -different pathways (clathrin, caveoli, pinomicrocytosis, phagocytosis) -endosome formation -Clathrin-mediated endocytosis -Caveoli-mediated endocytosis -steps that follow the internalization step (early endosomes, sorting endosomes, recycling endosomes, MVB, lysosomes) B. Role of the ubiquitin system in endocytosis and sorting -discovery (yeast) -Ubiquitin binding motifs/domains -examples: EGFR, MET, FGFR1, ENaC, CFTR (relevance to signal transduction and disease) C. Polarized delivery of proteins
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