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Information Systems Electronic Commerce Chapter 5 Chapter Overview E-Commerce Overview, Statistics and Models Business To Consumer E-Commerce Keys To Success in B2C E-Commerce Business To Business E-Commerce Disintermediation Payment Systems and Security E-Commerce & E-Business E-Commerce: commerce that is accelerated and enhanced by IT, in particular the Internet. E-Business : a broader definition of E-Commerce which also includes non-financial transactions. buying and selling of goods and services servicing customers collaborating with business partners conducting electronic transactions within an organization Why should you care about E-Commerce? E-Commerce is rapidly growing with consumer spending up 12% in 2011 to $256,000,000,000! More and more users (customers) are utilizing broadband and mobile connections to the Internet. There are an estimated 2.1 billion users (customers) using the Internet. This represents roughly 30.2% of the world population. The Internet is becoming more diverse. In other words, the market you can sell to is growing and changing. comScore 2011 Digital Year in Review Highlights 9 out of 10 U.S. users now visit a social networking site in a month, and the average Internet user spends more than 7 hours on these sites each month Nearly 1 out of every 6 minutes online is spent on Facebook US users viewed 4.8 trillion display ads in 2011 More than 100 Million Americans watched online video content on an average day - up 43% from 2010 In 2011, smartphones accounted for the majority of new mobile phone purchases for the first time E-Commerce Growth: % of overall retail sales E-Commerce Holiday Sales Statistics
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