Why has globaliza8on increased the risk of

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Unformatted text preview: c genera8on o  Control = slow the spread 24 Zebra mussel 1986   Con8nued spread via human transport o  Pleasure boats, fishing gear 2012 25 Emerald ash borer (wood ­boring beetle)   Discovered in Michigan, Ontario 2002 o  Origin: China o  Accidental introduc8on via wood products and/or dunnage o  Hosts: na8ve ash trees (Fraxinus spp.)   Currently o  Millions of trees killed o  All North American ash trees threatened with ex8nc8on o  Control = barrier zones, eradica8on Asian longhorn beetle (wood ­boring beetle)   Discovered New York, 1996; intercepted in BC o  o  o  Origin: China Accidental introduc8on via wood products and/or dunnage Hosts: most hardwood species   Currently o  Tho...
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