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THEA 3371 Notes

THEA 3371 Notes - front lighting body toplight is useful...

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Read Charles Mee’s Big Love for next class. Things I want to know about lighting How many What instruments do what Bigness Color Implementation of plot Potholes (how not to screw up simple things) Accessories Angle Surfaces Design process (analysis, research, cue sheets) Collaboration with other humans Vectorworks & lightwright
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1-22 BIG LOVE start going through play and dissect themes e.g. men hate women because of unrealistic expectations can I relate to the play? What is Mee saying about sexuality? Basic gender- related tenants Attitude towards sexuality Attitude towards power www.charlesmee.com technical talk broad generalizations about angle: proscenium: key light: bright fill light: softer, “fills” shadow face: have separate controls, play with shadows
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Unformatted text preview: front lighting body: toplight is useful for washing stage backlight is useful to outine a person sidelight is useful to sculpt the body, makes people look good there are SO MANY OPTIONS! Thrust: Must have light from at least 3 sides and tinty Toplight can be tinty or saturated Black box: Capable of being theatre in the round 4 sides, maybe 3 toplight generally all-white Cue sheets Cue #, xfade, placement, descriptions 2-19 – design presentations 2-26 – prelim plot 3-4 – final plot due 3-6 – guest lecture Final paper project due : Cuesheets & concept paper – 3-27 Design presentation – 4-3 Prelim plot – 4-15 Prelim plot 2 – 4-22 Final plot – 4-29 4-28 – prelim plot for workshop 5-12 – final presentations...
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THEA 3371 Notes - front lighting body toplight is useful...

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