Hint it can be done in two instructions b find the

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Unformatted text preview: puter MFP needs 300 million instructions for this program, how many integer instructions does the computer MNFP require for the same program? c) What is the execution time (in seconds) for the program P to run on MFP and MNFP? 3. (6 points) a) Find the shortest sequence of MIPS instructions to determine if there is a carry out in the addition of registers $t3 and $t4 and place a 1 in $t2 if there is a carry. Hint: it can be done in two instructions. b) Find the representation of decimal number - 1609.5 in IEEE 754 single precision format. 4. (6 points) We wish to add the instruction jal (jump and link) to the single- cycle datapath. Add any neces...
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