Publicorprivate publicorprivate purposeofdistinction

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Unformatted text preview: ount of its share capital and its division into shares of a fixed amount. It must also state that the liability of its members is limited. Section 22(3) of the Act requires a limited company (whether limited by shares or guarantee) to have the word ‘Berhad’ or its abbreviation ‘Bhd’ as part of and at the end of its name. This insertion is to serve as a warning to those who may enter into dealings with the company that they are dealing with a limited company. Public or private Public or private purpose of distinction y private company y – s 15 definition – share capital y restrictions & prohibitions in constition right totransfer shares maximum no of shareholders no public offers of shares or debentures – no public borrowing – – – y name – ‘Sendirian’ ‘Sdn’ Exempt & non­exempt Exempt & non­exempt private s 4(1) definition y shareholder re...
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