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Unformatted text preview: ding: • Methylated genes ---> inactive inactive • Non-methylated/undermethylated genes ---> active active • Undermethylated genes can correspond to Undermethylated chromosomal domains eg. Chick α -globin gene cluster eg Chick -globin - undermethylation coincides with DNase I hypersensitivity hypersensitivity • methylation at the 5´ end of genes may directly relate to methylation expression ---> many expressed genes not methylated at 5´ end but remain methylated at 3´ end at 50 CpG­rich ISLANDS CpG­rich ISLANDS • • • CpG-rich islands at 5´end of genes & affect expression expression CpG islands: 1-2kb, thruout human genome out upstream of promoters & can extend into transcribed regions transcribed Constitutively expressed Constitutively “housekeeping genes” contain unmethylated CpG islands CpG Lewin Genes VII 2000 Oxford University Press 51 CpG­rich ISLANDS: POTENTIAL FOR CpG­rich ISLANDS: POTENTIAL FOR TRANSCRIPTION • Unmethylated CpG islands indicators of the Unmethylated potential for transcription potential • Features of CpG islands that would favour Features transcription: (1) reduced content of histone H1 (loosely packaged chromatin); (2) extensive histone acetylation; (3) DNase I hypersensiti...
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