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Digested free fragments smaller fragments 42

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Unformatted text preview: ites ---> 5 ´cluster of sites is LCR required for expression of all β -globin genes ´cluster -globin in cluster; chromosomal domain showing sensitivity to DNase I chromosomal Erythroid cells: DNA packaging of globin chromatin domain DNA “opened” by LCRs, permitting transcription initiation “opened” In cells with no globin expression, no DNase sensitivity In no no 41 Delete LCRs in erythroid cells, no DNase hypersensitivity no Detection of DNase­Hypersensitive Sites Detection of DNase­Hypersensitive Sites (a) Inactive gene (a) (b) Active gene ---> DNase (b) ---> no DNase hyper-sensitive regions not hyper-sensitivity hyper-sensitivity protected ---> nucleosomeprotected free areas digested & free fragments smaller fragments 42 HYPERSENSITIVE SITES IN ACTIVE GENES HYPERSENSITIVE 43 Weaver 2002 Molecular Biology Ed. 2 HYPERSENSITIVE SITES IN ACTIVE GENES HYPERSENSITIVE • • • • DNase hypersensitive sites in DNase (chick) RBC α -globin genes 2 α -2 globin genes, α D & α A, and -2 A, flanking DNA, all DNase digested in RBCs but not in MSB (lymphoid) cells [no DNase control = 0] control Control: ovalbumin gene not Control: DNase...
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