Transcriptional control control 2 7 of cytosines

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Unformatted text preview: hromosome ‘interbands’ ‘interbands’ • the bands of polytene chromosomes may the represent chromosomal domains separated by insulators in the interbands insulators 47 INSULATORS, MARs, & LCRs INSULATORS, MARs, & LCRs Lewin Genes VII 2000 Oxford University Press • LCR = locus control region, MAR = matrix associated region associated • Chromosomal domains defined by MARs that direct Chromosomal domain attachment to particular locations on inside of nuclear periphery of • 3 types of domain sites: (1) insulators ---> prevent types spreading between domains; (2) MARs ---> attach spreading domain to nuclear matrix; (3) LCRs ---> transcription domain initiation initiation 48 (3) EUKARYOTIC DNA METHYLATION (3) • • • • • • • Eukaryotes: methylation Eukaryotes: important for transcriptional control control 2-7% of cytosines methylated 2-7% most in CG doublets most Distribution of methylation can be Distribution checked using restriction enzymes that cleave target site with CG e.g. HpaII vs. MspI HpaII Msp isoschizomer (cleave same target sequence) digests sequence) MspI ---> cuts all CCGG HpaII ---> cannot cut methylated CCGG CCGG MspI finds all CCGG, HpaII finds HpaII indicates methylation state of these these use to assess CCGG methylation use 49 in various genes... in Lewin Genes VII 2000 Oxford University Press TRANSCRIPTIONAL INACTIVATION BY TRANSCRIPTIONAL INACTIVATION BY METHYLATION General fin...
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