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Unformatted text preview: l Capture Real Data • Capture the depth as well as the color http://www.3dface. org/media/images.html Manually specifying the mapping • There are good tools to map the texture to the surface, for example, • Directly painting on 3D geometry • Manually align unfolded data on the image Creating a UV map on Maya http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=HQKDADeuTFc Unfolding the geometry • • • • Segmenting the body into a set of charts Unfolded onto a 2D plane Packing: The charts are gathered in texture space The artist can then draw the texture on a 2D plane Levy et al. SIGGRAPH 2002 Problems with Linear Interpolation of UV Coordinates • Linear interpolation in screen space: texture source what we get| what we want Why Does it Happen? • Uniform steps on the image plane does not correspond to uniform steps in the original 3D scene Solution : Hyperbolic Interpolation – (u,v) cannot be linearly interpolated, but 1/w and (u/w, v/w) can – Compute (u,v) by dividing the interpolated (u/w, v/w) by the interpolated 1/w – w is the last component after the canonical view transformation – A w is computed for every 3D vertex Texture Mapping Examples • Linear interpolation vs. Hyperboli...
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