Map multum in parvo many things in a small place

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Unformatted text preview: aliasing (remember Nyquist limit) • The artifacts are even more noticeable when the surface moves Texture Minification (2) We can do subsampling as before But actually we know the texture pattern in advance Mipmapping MIP map Multum In Parvo = Many things in a small place Produce a texture of multiple resolutions Switch the resolution according to the number of texels in one pixel Select a level that the ratio of the texture and the pixel is 1:1 Selecting the resolution in Mipmap Map the pixel corners to the texture space Find the resolution that roughly covers the mapped quadrilateral Apply a bilinear interpolation in that resolution, Or find the two surrounding resolutions and apply a trilinear interpolation (also along the resolution axis) Texture Minification • Multiple textures in a single pixel • Solution: • Nearest neighbour Bilinear blending Mipmapping Summary 1. Texture mapping a. Different ways to synthesize the texture maps b. Hyperbolic interpolation 2. Antialiasing a. Nyquest limit b. Subsampling c. texture maps i. magnification : bilinear interpolation ii. minification : mipmapping Reading List Shirley et al. Chapter 11. Akenine-Moller Chapter 5.6, 6.2 id=V1k1V9Ra1FoC&pg=PA418&dq=realtime+rendering+texture+mapping&hl=ja&sa=X&ei =ErdXUtCBBsjA0QWazYHoAw&redir_esc=y#v=o nepage&q=real-time%20rendering%20texture% 20mapping&f=false...
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