Lecture 1 application stage entirely done in software

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Unformatted text preview: three stages ○ Application Stage ○ Geometry Stage ○ Rasterization Stage 19/09/11 Lecture 1 An example thro’ the pipeline… The scene we are trying to represent: Images courtesy of Picture Inc. Lecture 1 Application stage ● Entirely done in software by the CPU ● Read Data ○ the world geometry database, ○ User’s input by mice, trackballs, trackers, or sensing gloves ● In response to the user’s input, the application stage change the view or scene 19/09/11 Lecture 1 Preparing Shape Models (Lecture 2) Designed by polygons, parametric curves/surfaces, implicit surfaces and etc. Defined in its own coordinate system Lecture 1 Geometry Stage ● Applying transformations to the object vertices (scaling, rotating, translating) ● View transformation (viewing from the camera) ● Illumination and shading (for Gouraud shading) Model Transformation (Lecture 3) ● Objects put into the scene by applying translation, scaling and rotation ● Linear transformation called homogeneous transformation is used ● The location of all the vertices are updated by this transformation 19/09/11 Lecture 1 Perspective Projection (Lecture 4) ● We want to create a picture of the scene viewed from the camera ● We apply a perspective transformation to convert the 3D coordinates to 2D coordinates of the screen ● Objects far away appear smaller, closer objects appear bigger 19/09/11 Lecture 1 Hidden Surface Removal (Lecture 7) ● Objects occluded by other objects must not be drawn Lecture 1 Shading and Lighting (Lecture 6) ● We need to decide the colour of each pixels taking into account the object’s colour, lighting condition and the camera position point light source Object Lecture 1 Shading : Constant Shading Ambient ● Objects colours by its own colour Lecture 1 Shading – Flat Shading ● Objects coloured based on its own colour and the lighting conditio...
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