Example hiding seams in woody toy story derose98 nurbs

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Unformatted text preview: sion surface • Giving a rough shape first and subdivide it recursively • Stop when the shape is smooth enough • Used for modeling smooth surfaces Motivation • Shape modelling – Topological restrictions of NURBS surfaces • Plane, Cylinder, and Torus • It is difficult to maintain smoothness at seams of patchwork. – Example: hiding seams in Woody (Toy Story) [DeRose98] – NURBS also require the control nets consist of a regular rectangular grid of control points • LOD in a scene – A coarse shape when far away, a smooth dense surface when closer to the camera Subdivision surface • Can handle arbitrary topology Different Schemes • Doo-Sabin ‘78 • Catmull-Clark ‘78 • Etc (Loop, Butterfly, and many others) A Primer: Chaiken’s Algorithm P Q1 1 Q2 Q3 P 2 Q4 Q5 Q0 P P 3 0 Apply Iterated Function System Limit Curve Surface http://www.multires.caltech. edu/teaching/demos/java/chaikin.htm http://www.multires.caltech. edu/teaching/demos/java/chaikin.htm Doo-Sabin Subdivision • Proposed by Doo and Sabin in 1978 • An extensi...
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