If an edge is not sharp use normal smooth subdivision

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Unformatted text preview: ling environment? ANSWER: Define new subdivision rules for “creased” edges and vertices. • Tag Edges sharp edges. • If an edge is sharp, apply new sharp subdivision rules. • Otherwise subdivide with normal rules. Sharp Edges… • Tag Edges as “sharp” or “not-sharp” • n = 0 – “not sharp” • n > 0 – sharp During Subdivision, • if an edge is “sharp”, use sharp subdivision rules. Newly created edges, are assigned a sharpness of n-1. • If an edge is “not-sharp”, use normal smooth subdivision rules. IDEA: Edges with a sharpness of “n” do not get subdivided smoothly for “n” iterations of the algorithm. In the picture on the right, the control mesh is a unit cube ● ● Different sharpness applied Sharp Rules FACE (unchanged) EDGE VERTEX # adj. Sharp edges corner crease >2 2 Another example of creases Subdivision Surfaces in character animation [DeRose98] • Used for first time in Geri’s game to overcome topological restriction of NURBS • Modeled Geri’s head, hands, jacket, pants, shirt, tie, and shoes Ge...
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